Technical Information

Remember that cloning does not operate genetic makeup nor the pet's nor change pet's DNA. This is simply the process of is allows livestock to breeders to produce copy of existing pet.

Basically cloning is the process of creating inherently duplicate individuals, this is the biotechnology denotes to the process of generating clones of animals or copies of DNA or cells wreckages. Cloning a pet animal is a common way in which animals basically cloned by "somatic nuclear transfer" this strategy for generating a feasible seed from egg cells and body cells. This is consist of taking oocyte which is egg cell and inserting a donor nucleus from cells of the body which is used in both reproductive and therapeutic cloning, sheep was the first mammal who was successful in reproductive cloning.

This process egg cell is reserved from surrogate mother and place through a process enucleation, which eliminates the nubs from the inner side of the egg cell, body cells are then taken from the cloned animal, and transferred in the empty egg cell and bonded using electrical current and then these egg cell again inserted in to the surrogate mother and the end result is the creation of a pet that is inherently identical to the pet the body cells were taken from.

Technological Solution

This is based on some technological solution.

This is the process to create a cell from a single cell, this process is simple and requires process inoculation of a suitable the cell cultures, a case from animals cloning a cell is a difficult task.

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