Frequently ASk Questions

What is a cloned pet?

It is an asexual reproduction method in which a somatic cell of a donor pet is transplanted into an oocyte from which the nucleus is removed, cell fusion is performed, a cloned embryo is constructed, and then the cloned embryo is transplanted into a surrogate mother to develop into a new individual. The cloned animal has the same genomic sequence information as the somatic cell-derived individual.

SWhat are the requirements for cloned animals?

Dogs and cats can do it, no special requirements. As long as the establishment of the somatic cell line can be successful.

Is the life of the cloned animal normal? Will there be premature aging? Can you breed offspring?

Animal somatic cell cloning technology has been 20 years since its success, and the technology is very mature. There are also many cloned species, and the types and numbers of cloned animals are quite large. In so many cases over the past 20 years, it has been shown that cloned animals have the same vitality and reproductive capacity as natural breeding animals.

Is the cloned pet exactly the same as the donor pet?

The cloned animal and the cloned pet have a consistent genetic sequence, and thus the traits associated with the gene will be identical. Such as shape, body structure, innate ability and so on. The natural temperament of cloned animals is consistent with that of cloned ones, and may also change differently depending on the environment in which they grow up. The cloned animal was not remembered by the cloned animal.

The cloned dog now has a tumor, and can clone a healthy dog?

If the tumor is not hereditary, it is possible to clone a healthy dog.

How long does it take to clone, will there be a notification to tell if the clone was successful?

The dog clonation period, in conservative terms, is up to 10 months. After the client signed the cloning technology service agreement, we started the preparation of the cloned dog, which was successfully established in the somatic cell line. The B-ultrasound test was performed on the pregnant dog, and the puppy was notified three times before the delivery. Customers, and pass relevant information. The puppy is delivered at 2 months of age.

How long does it take to successfully culture and establish somatic cells?

After the gene storage and sampling, the cell establishment process is about 2 weeks, and after 3 days of successful cell establishment, the customer will be notified of the success of the establishment.

Some pet owners think that the cloned dog is more expensive, and hopes to give it to the owner in adulthood, can it?

Yes, but will increase the corresponding maintenance costs.

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